L M C (__martini_psssh) wrote in airport_lovers,

Hey everyone! I'm new here. I spend half my life in airports. My dad's a pilot for American Airlines and I fly on his passes all the time. I got to school at Arizona State but I'm from Indianapolis so I go back and forth all the time. I want to be an Air Traffic Controller after I graduate from college. Here's a list of the airports I've been through:

IND-Indianapolis International
PHX-Phoenix Sky Harbor International
DFW-Dallas Fort Worth
ORD-Chicago O'Hare
Reagan International-Washington D.C.
Islip-MacArthur-Long Island
Logan International-Boston
BWI-Baltimore-Washington International
Charlotte, North Carolina Airport
Richmond Virginia Airport
Orlando, Florida Airport
St. Louis Airport
Detroit Airport
Pittsburgh Airport
JFK International-New York
Nantucket Airport-Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Minneapolis Airport
Tucson Airport-Tucson, Arizona
Charles Du Gaulle International-Paris, France
London-Gatwick Interational- London, England

I love traveling! Flying doesn't make me mad or frustrated like it does a lot of people. I love flying by myself and watching people go by at airports. It's great!
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