February 13th, 2006

Fun at JFK last night.

That winter storm that pounded the northeast yesterday provided quite a bit of fun! Listening to air traffic control out of JFK last night, I got to hear all of the following:

  • A Turkish Airlines A340 slide off the end of runway 31L
  • Medical emergencies while waiting in line to take off from JetBlue, Air France and Aeroflot
  • A heated exchange between the tower an a Virgin Atlantic 747 who needed de-icing while waiting in the takeoff queue
  • A flood of JetBlue planes who landed and had to sit nowhere for over two hours because every gate in their terminal was taken
  • A British Airways 747 who took a wrong turn on a taxiway and ended up nose-to-nose with another British Airways 747

Who says nothing fun can happen at the airport?