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Hey everyone! I'm new here. I spend half my life in airports. My dad's a pilot for American Airlines and I fly on his passes all the time. I got to school at Arizona State but I'm from Indianapolis so I go back and forth all the time. I want to be an Air Traffic Controller after I graduate from college. Here's a list of the airports I've been through:

IND-Indianapolis International
PHX-Phoenix Sky Harbor International
DFW-Dallas Fort Worth
ORD-Chicago O'Hare
Reagan International-Washington D.C.
Islip-MacArthur-Long Island
Logan International-Boston
BWI-Baltimore-Washington International
Charlotte, North Carolina Airport
Richmond Virginia Airport
Orlando, Florida Airport
St. Louis Airport
Detroit Airport
Pittsburgh Airport
JFK International-New York
Nantucket Airport-Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Minneapolis Airport
Tucson Airport-Tucson, Arizona
Charles Du Gaulle International-Paris, France
London-Gatwick Interational- London, England

I love traveling! Flying doesn't make me mad or frustrated like it does a lot of people. I love flying by myself and watching people go by at airports. It's great!
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Charles de Gaulle airport

Hi guys. I have a question for those of you who have ever gone to Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

This Saturday I have a Montpellier-Paris-Boston flight. I have 45 minutes in Paris between my arrival and departure times to get from Terminal D to E in Aerogare 2. I won't have to recheck my bags and I'll already have my Paris-Boston boarding pass printed in Montpellier HOWEVER I am still nervous that 45 minutes is not enough.

Anyone have advice? Thoughts?


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I've been through some here and there. =)


SFO - San Francisco, CA
LAX - Los Angeles, CA
LVS - Las Vegas, NV
DFW - Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX
BHM - Birmingham, AL
FAI - Fairbanks, AK
AUG - Augusta, GA
ORD - Chicago, IL
MSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
DET - Detroit, MI
BWI - Washington, D.C.
BOS - Boston, MA
JFK - New York, NY
LAN - Lansing, MI
ATL - Atlanta, GA


PEK - Beijing, China
NRT - Tokyo, Japan
PVG - Shanghai, China
YUL - Montreal, Canada
YYZ - Toronto, Canada
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Hey everyone! I recently joined. I'm going to follow suit and list the airports I've been to:

PHX - Phoenix, AZ
MKE - Milwaukee, WI
ORD - Chicago O'Hare, IL
FLG - Flagstaff, AZ
ABE - Allentown, PA
MSP - Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

also an airport in China (Beijing) and Japan (Narita I think).

Pretty pathetic, I know, but I'm hoping to add more and more as time goes on.
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greetings!! here's the list of all the airports i've flown in/to/thru:

United States:
DCA - Washington National, DC
DEN - Denver, CO
DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
DTW - Detroit, MI
HNL - Honolulu, HI
IAD - Washington Dulles, VA
JFK - New York Kennedy, NY
LAX - Los Angeles, CA
MCO - Orlando, FL
MDW - Chicago Midway, IL
MEM - Memphis, TN
MIA - Miami, FL
MSN - Madison, WI
OGG - Kahului, HI
OKC - Oklahoma City, OK
ORD - Chicago O'Hare, IL
PDX - Portland, OR
PHX - Phoenix, AZ
RFD - Rockford, IL
SBP - San Luis Obispo, CA
SFO - San Francisco, CA
SMX - Santa Maria, CA
SWF - Newburgh Stewart, NY

AMS - Amsterdam, Netherlands
DUB - Dublin, Ireland
FRA - Frankfurt, Germany
IBZ - Ibiza, Spain
MAD - Madrid, Spain
LGW - London Gatwick, UK
LHR - London Heathrow, UK
LTN - London Luton, UK
SNN - Shannon, Ireland
STN - London Stansted, UK
YYZ - Toronto, ON, Canada

Fun at JFK last night.

That winter storm that pounded the northeast yesterday provided quite a bit of fun! Listening to air traffic control out of JFK last night, I got to hear all of the following:

  • A Turkish Airlines A340 slide off the end of runway 31L
  • Medical emergencies while waiting in line to take off from JetBlue, Air France and Aeroflot
  • A heated exchange between the tower an a Virgin Atlantic 747 who needed de-icing while waiting in the takeoff queue
  • A flood of JetBlue planes who landed and had to sit nowhere for over two hours because every gate in their terminal was taken
  • A British Airways 747 who took a wrong turn on a taxiway and ended up nose-to-nose with another British Airways 747

Who says nothing fun can happen at the airport?

My list of airports...

any that aren't familiar can be looked up at: http://www.airnav.com

I've only flown domestically in the U.S.:
DEN (Stapleton and the new Denver International), BJC and APA (General Aviation), AUS (the old municipal airport), HOU, IAH, MCI, ORD, ORF, GEG, SEA, CLE, MSO, SLC, LAS, MKE.
May have also flown through DAL, DFW, TUL, OKC, but I was too young to remember!
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I figured to kick this community up a bit, by my pathetic list of travels. Take a look...

(I'm not familiar with ALL of the airport codes so I'm just naming the airport in no specific order)

In the US:
NYC's La Guardia
Boston's Logan
Chicago's O'Hare
Nashville (last Tuesday)
San Antonio
Washington DC - Dulles
Islip - MacArthur (I live on Long Island so...)
Bar Harbor - Hancock County (eastern Maine)

Toronto's Pearson

My other travels have either been by train, bus or car.

Feel free to comment, say Hi or whatever :) Happy New Year too!

Welcome to the airport_lovers community!

This community is for those of us who are always finding themselves at the airport, whether for flight, employment, plane spotting, or just enjoying these sometimes-beautiful structures!

A fun opener may be to list all the airports you've been through. I'll start with my list, and I'm sure several of you have me beat!

ABQ - Albuquerque, New Mexico
AMS - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ARN - Stockholm, Sweden
ATL - Atlanta, Georgia
BNA - Nashville, Tennessee
BUR - Burbank, California
CPH - Copenhagen, Denmark
CVG - Cincinatti, Ohio
DCA - Washington DC (National)
DEN - Denver, Colorado
DFW - Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
DTW - Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan
FRA - Frankfurt, Germany
IAD - Washington DC (Dulles)
IAH - Houston, Texas
JFK - New York City (JFK), New York
LAS - Las Vegas, Nevada
LAX - Los Angeles, California
LHR - London (Heathrow), UK
MCO - Orlando, Florida
MXP - Milan (Malpensa), Italy
NCE - Nice, France
PHX - Phoenix, Arizona
SJC - San Jose, California
SEA - Seattle, Washington
SFO - San Francisco, California
SLC - Salt Lake City, Utah
SMF - Sacramento, California
YYC - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

And coming up in a few weeks:

CDG - Paris-De Gaulle, France
EWR - Newark, New Jersey